Friday, May 25, 2012

What a week or two....

Wow what a couple of weeks......  Normally I am busy but not this busy.  I have been filling in for our Administrative Assistant the past 3 weeks which happened to coincide with the start of this quarters classes for me.  What I thought was going to be a walk in the park is kicking my butt all over town.  My humanities class stretches my brain in art and culture, which is good because it is having me look at art and culture in a very different way and my sustainability class is kicking my brain in chemistry, geology and stuff....  By the way did you know geologist is the most needed job?  I met a guy at a gas station (sounds like the worst date joke ever) he started a conversation with me in line which happened to bring up his job, he was/is a geologist and they are dying for men and women to become geologist.  Dang it....changing degrees....HA no it may have something to do with Oil and Gas...fracking anyone hence the need for geologists.  I digress...

Since my last post...Mother's Day which was fantastic my son cleaned house and even steam cleaned our couches!  Great kid!

Then he had a recital where he was the grand finale!!!

Sorry for the poor quality video.....I really need to upgrade some technology in our house.

Then it was the last week of school for him and off to 4th time flies by.  There is so much to talk about but I feel like my life just past by at lightening speed these last 3 weeks that I am not even sure where to start.  Even what to discuss first...OIY!

Well, now that I am adjusting to my new busier schedule with full time school, full time work (was unemployed then working part time now full time) with the addition of one active boy.  Soon you will be enjoying some posts on gardening by the calendar, chemicals killing our bees (whaa whoa) and sewage on our food...yum!  OH yes I will have to discuss with more about fracking and why it relates to geologists.

Enjoy memorial day weekend.  Remember it isn't about the BBQ it is about our men and women who have sacrificed all!


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