Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's!!!

I love this picture of my son and I.  It is very representative of how we are most of the time...weird, goofy and we both love the Lorax.  He tells me I am the best mom in the world, what a great kid (I have him fooled)!  I am very tough on my son and sometimes I feel guilty about being so tough on him.  But there is no perfect, no right, no wrong, we Mom's just do the best we can do with what we were taught by our mom's and what we have learned ourselves.  It isn't the easiest job, nor do I think it is the most rewarding job because it is for the most part the most thankless job.  Plus everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your child and there are many online commentators who rip mother's apart for their decision to breastfeed or feed their kid a vegan diet or pre-chew their food.  We mother's are a tricky group, we want to make everyone think we are Martha Stewart or June Cleaver and that being a mom is the most fun and enjoyable thing in the world and we, for the most part, lack the ability to support other mothers.

Don't get me wrong, I love being a mother, but I am real about it too.  It is messy, dirty, frustrating and thankless plus everyone is ready to judge you if you have one hair out of place and there is dirt on the floor or your kids act out.  Being a mother has done one thing for me for sure...appreciate mine a heck of a lot more! My mother raised three very difficult (of course I was the easiest and best daughter), very different daughters during a time were there wasn't many single mothers and we were not a very close family on either side of my parents.  So I see now looking back how hard it was for her and she did the very best, I certainly am not up to the challenge of raising three kids on my own!!!

What is the point of this post you say???  Well I say this thank your mom no matter how awful you think she was and if you are a mom...turn off the computer, laptop, iPad, cell phone and play with your kids this weekend.  Instead of asking for some jewelry or gift of material expense...just play or garden or go to the library...ask for the gift of time with your kids.  They will be older with their own lives soon enough and the gift of each other outlasts any material gift in my opinion.

Gifts are great but Mother's Day is about the gift you gave the world a child so spend time with that gift.....that is a gift you can't replace!

Much love and happiness this Mother's Day! 

*Oh and the next time you see a mother struggling...don't judge her, support her, help her, love her because she is doing the same job maybe with less help or less knowledge....who knows. We mothers are like no others so stand together not apart!!! *

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