Thursday, April 5, 2012

to do list...oh my crazy life!

This is what my head feels like right now!!!! Oh how finals make me cry, wake up in a sweat and pace back and forth...back and forth...

What a crazy last 8 months or so!!!  Maybe even longer.... I have had two surgeries that kept me down for a moment or two, went back to work part time and took on a far more fuller load of courses at school than I anticipated keeping me away from things I am most passionate about!  I haven't blogged much or kept up on current events or spent time with friends and....hold on to your chair...not a single DIY project around the house.  I have pulled weeds, walked dogs and painted a set of jars and that is about it! DARN IT!  Where has the time gone!!!???

I have so much going on but that is great because nothing means boredom and boredom means channel surfing and channel surfing means random, mindless eating.....sound familiar to anyone...

Any who, as my honey to do list (wait a minute there is no honey), as MY to do list grows I am trying to narrow the list by! Somehow all my needs on the to do list are being pushed down the list by all the my wants...

And my desks currently looks like this.......

My list, as I said is growing! I am attempting to break it down on what absolutely needs to get done first.  For example, I need shelving and organization in my closet and my sons.  That is first on the list! Second, entertainment/organization center for the alcove area where I currently have the television, movies and books.  I am have been trolling craiglist but I think to find what I really want to upcycle, I will hit Habitat for Humanity.  They always have amazing things on the cheap that just need some elbow grease and love.  Plus the money you spend goes to a great cause. Third on the list, I am upcycling my dinning table.  I love the basic frame but want to change it up to more of my style.  I can't complain it was free and free always looks amazing!  My goal is to remove this inlet of crazy weird tiles with wood, strip off the paint, repaint and make cafe bench-style seating out of the current chairs.  I have been checking out fabric like a mad woman! I really would like burlap or hemp material because the both are water resistant, mildew resistant and hardy material.

Well those 3 are the top of my list and will be a large portion of my budget so the rest of the like 30 items on the list will just have to sit there and stare at me!!

What spring cleaning and DIY projects are awaiting your attention??


P.S. Incase you were wondering this is what I look like right now..

pic via skull of books
pic via stack of books
pic of crazy cat

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