Friday, April 6, 2012

Yeah it is Friday..Easter just around the corner.

I had planned a rather large post regarding Easter and some greener options but scrapped the whole thing in disgust!!!  My lack of focus this week, thanks to major finals in school my brain is mush.  So I put this little gem together in a flash and splash!!!

Whether Easter brings images of bunnies and egg hunts...

Or remembrance of a sacrifice.

It is a great time for family, food and friends.  Enjoy it some greener options like natural dyes for your Easter Eggs, buy organic foods including that main meat dish (if you are a meat eater that is) so it is free of all those nasty chemicals and hormones and lastly go for fair trade organic candies.

Most of all avoid the trap of buying chicks and bunnies!!! I know they are super cute but please refrain...

Unless you are thinking of making your own chicken coup those cute little yellow furry chicks grow up and are not so cuddly anymore.  And bunnies, well there isn't as many shelters complaining about the onslaught of dropped off bunnies, why because people release them into the wild or neighborhoods (then they multiply).

Portobello Stroganoff, Vegan

Here are a few food ideas (a cook I am not so these are off some sites I follow)!

Easter Olive Calzone, Vegan
"Ham", Vegan
Hot Cross Buns

Can't forget all my fav sugary treats...but veganized! Fantastic!!

Raw Cadbury Eggs, Vegan



Gluten-Free Easter Bunny Cake

Bunny Cake


Enjoy your Easter, maybe even incorporate one or two of these vegan ideas or all!

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