Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Gardening....April

Hopefully April will bring us plenty of rain for our plants, our animals and of course our own drinking water.
Not much in the way of a real winter this year.  Many of us received a warmer than normal season, I am hoping for rain during the spring and summer months.

Here are some tips for April gardening:

  • water: deeply and infrequently
  • prune: thin out branches it will bring in more light and thicker growth
  • fertilize: if you do not have a thick layer of mulch and compost feeding your soil and plants grab an organic fertilizer in small amounts to stimulate roots.
  • pest control: you can release green lacewings or spray with neem oil a natural insecticide, natural food grade diatomaceous earth for ticks, fleas, chiggers and others, beneficial nematodes, trichogramma wasps control caterpillars, use a combination of cedar flakes, hot pepper, food grade diatomaceous earth, garlic pepper tea or beer traps for snails, pill bugs or slugs. Got aphids blast with water mixed with molasses (2 oz per gallon of water)
  • plant: container roses, fruit trees, grass, warm season vegetables, warm season flowers, flowering perennials, summer herbs.
  • extras: add a layer of mulch and compost to beds and any bare soil it is a natural way to retain water, prevent weeds and add nutrients
The enjoyment I get from gardening and landscaping isn't for my house to have curb appeal that all will want to drive by and comment on or be approved by my HOA.  It is because I love being outdoors, love the smell of dirt, love color and the magnificent creations nature provides.  My goal is to add life to my yard, my home and provide food for my family with sustainability. 

I hope you decide to plant something wonderful or beautiful to enjoy watching it bloom and grow.


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