Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day Tips 2012

via NASA

Every time I see this picture my breath is taken away.  I know, such a nerd!

Earth Day is nearly here have you planned an eco-friendly event?  What tips are you trying to incorporate to save money and save our precious resources we all depend on??

Earth Day tips:

Solar: why pay someone for electricity when the sun does a fantastic job. Use solar panels for your whole house or just your water heater or external lights or to heat the pool.  There are so many options these days and thankfully the price is coming down every day.

Wind: believe it or not you can get residential size wind turbines to power your home. 

Windows: check them windows! Are they leaking air? Do they reduce the amount of heat/cold entering your home?

Reduce the amount of trash: we are losing precious amounts of land to our TRASH!  It reminds me of the movie Wall-E where every one on the planet had to leave because the amount of trash we through out squeezed us out of our homes and land.  Compost your food and landscaping waste, you can compost everything except the following.

  • Meat or meat waste, such as bones, fat, gristle, skin, etc.
  • Fish or fish waste
  • Dairy products, such as cheese, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, sour cream, etc.
  • Grease and oils of any kind

  • >There are some Indoor Composters (me want one) that can allow composting of the above DON'TS but they are not cheap, however worth it if you want to totally reduce your trash!<

    Recycle: no brainer right? You would be surprised how many people still do not recycle.  Check with your local waste management but just about everything can be recycled these days.  Plastic containers and plastic bags are generally the most difficult to get recycled but be persistent...recycle.

    Exchange it: stop using plastic bags and containers.  I know it is a hard habit to create by remembering to bring canvas bags or reusable bags to the grocery store (yes I even have bags for regular retail stores too).  You just have to get use to bringing them to the store.  At some point, plastic bags will be banned from every state.  They end up in our streams and ocean killing animals we depend on for life.  Also, if you prefer plastic containers over glass, buy containers that are made from recycled plastic and do not have BPA. check out Preserve if you need some help.

    Get some exercise: instead of getting the latest chemical from the store to kill weeds, bend over honey...heeeeheee! Pull weeds instead of using chemicals, you will feel great after honest!  Still too lazy to pull weeds, try vinegar (Vinegar, Orange Oil products).  Regular household vinegar is fine to use it works but I prefer 20% acid instead because it is far more effective on really tough weeds.  I use a combination of orange oil and vinegar in areas that I have issues with pest such as ants, but typically just vinegar directly on weeds just before the heat of the day.  The sun acts as an activator on the vinegar. 

    See more tips next post.....

    Make Earth Day everyday!

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