Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Gardening.....March

If we look to the calendar Spring begins March 20th, however for most of the country Winter has mimicked Spring like weather thanks to La Nina.  La Nina is a weather phenomenon nicknames "the diva of drought".  When we are in a La Nina year we typically see warmer winters, less snow and less rain.  So many of the states in the US may not have flowers trying to bust through the melting snow during the month of March.

Here are some tips for March:

  • Water:  continue to water deeply and infrequently
  • Prune:  vines, flowering shrubs after they are done blooming
  • Fertilize:  use some worm castings or other naturally organic mixture on all planting, growing plants
  • Pest Control:  Aphids; spray with water + 2 oz of molasses per gallon of H2O + ladybugs and lacewings. dust around plants with a mix of hot pepper, cedar flakes and natural food grade diatomaceous earth for slugs and snails.  Personal note I try everything thing organic before giving into any kind of synthetic chemical, I just do not want my pets, my kid or myself in contact with the stuff.
  • Plant:  melons, squash, peppers, cucumber, corn, shrubs, trees, citrus, finish planting cool season annuals, then after last freeze plant warm season crops, annuals, sage, oregano, mint, lavender, thyme, lemon verbena, salad burnet, etc.
  • Extras:  thin fruit trees, remove frost damage, more mulch of course, turn your compost pile, prepare your beds with compost soil and of course a thick layer of compost mulch will retain moisture and keep your soil cool for the plants.

Have fun in your yard and garden because it brings beauty to your home and makes a little closer to nature.  Try your best to avoid synthetic chemicals because we are so overloaded with it everywhere else in our lives...

Up next April because hopefully we will have enough showers to bring May flowers!


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