Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jazzy Vegetarian


I have been watching more and more PBS programming as of late.  I do not use cable or direct TV to receive programming because I see it as a waste of many channels no real content.  Well regular network programming has seemed to become much of the same, all contest, competition and reality shows too.  So back to good ol' PBS!

I happened to fall upon a time slot one evening and found this fantastic little cooking show Jazzy Vegetarian.  Now weather you are a vegetarian, hard core vegan or a meat eater this show will help you enjoy making delicious alternatives to your everyday carnivore centered meal.  Even if you decide that you are just incorporating one day or two days or even maybe three days a week to a healthier side of cooking this is the place to stop. 

Of course the day I happened to find her programming it was all about Chocolate!! My all time fav!  What a show that day...yummy!  Her recipes are easy to follow and easy to make at home.  No big time production with a ton of steps involved...even the most hard core meat eater would enjoy it!

Check it out on is the link and find your local station times.
Of course here is her website Jazzy Vegetarian.

Check it will be pleased I assure you.


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