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I have been collecting jars; even my friends and family have been collecting jars for me! I have a huge mess of them all over my house just waiting for me to complete their projects and make them useful again.
I have been on the lookout for some counter top jars for my kitchen. To my dismay I have not find any that are a style or color I wanted...
So why not paint some the color I want.
Here is an easy and fun one:

Both sets of jars were found at the best place ever....Goodwill! My son says that each and every time we go to Goodwill.
  • Wash super well either by hand or dishwasher: either way make sure they have rinsed all soap off. Remove all labels if possible, if not make sure to sand them smooth prior to painting.
  • Use the surface conditioner: NOTE it is eco-friendly and must be used in an open well-ventilated area and it cannot go in regular trash (check with your waste management company or go to Earth911 to find proper disposal locations). You can also use vinegar to prep the glass to be more eco-friendly. I like to lightly sand the glass prior to using conditioner just to make it as porous as possible for the paint to adhere. Make sure the surface conditioner or vinegar is completely dry or your paint may run a bit.

  • I used Krylon for this project this time because they can be used on glass. Not a fan typically of spray paint because of the chemicals used in the product. However, it works rather well. I did apply 2 coats of the paint to make sure it was fully covered.
  • I did have a couple of jars that had some drip marks. I simply sanded lightly and re-sprayed.
  • You could opt for the PermEnamel paint also from Delta because it is specifically for glass. You could try some left over paint from cans too. The key is the prep of the glass and allowing ample dry time!!!
NOTE: you cannot through spray paint cans in regular trash they are an environmental hazard and must be disposed separately. Check with your waste management company or go to Earth911 to find proper disposal locations.

After 24 hours of drying in the garage.....

Here are the finished jars in Oil Bronze! I love the dark color of Oil Bronze because I love the look of dark metals, it feels earthy to me.

I have not decided on a color to write the lettering on the face of the jars...white eh maybe....sage green, possibly....mustard yellow, hmmm, or black, will it show????

What color do you think I should use for the letters?


Up next in my jar escapades....making lights with JARS!!!

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