Thursday, March 8, 2012

Joseph Kony 2012 Disarm LRA....enough!

Enough is enough!

I am sure you have seen in the news and on you tube all day regarding this man thanks to the grassroots efforts of Invisible Children.  We all have allowed him to be in power, we all have turned a blind eye....why? Africa has what we need to make our engagement rings, our cell phones, our iPads, iPhones, and every other electronic gadget.

If you who have been following my blog you will remember I published an essay regarding some of the atrocities occurring in Africa....that have been occurring in Africa for over 50 years!  I am hope this campaign by Invisible Children will finally bring an end to these horrors in Africa.  It truly will end when we as consumers think how our decisions impact others ocean's away. 

Go to Invisible Children to find out how to take action against men like Joseph Kony!
Be sure to watch this amazing video!


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