Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diabetes...Paula Deen

 We have heard a lot about Diabetes in the news lately due the news that Paula Deen, best known for high fat butter laden recipes, is diabetic.  It comes to no surprise to most of us, what was a surprise is the fact she did not announce it, she does not attribute it to her cooking and she announced on the day her commercials were released promoting a Diabetes Drug.  She could have announced this news even earlier, weeks earlier when she appeared on Dr. Oz to reveal a secret.  She has been a smoker.  She could have also told at that time she is Diabetic, remind you this was just a few weeks prior to her announcement of behind Diabetic. 

I am not angry, disgusted or sad at her decision to release this information on the same day of her ads for this drug.  Paula only cooks as she was taught to cook, I imagine.  I am sad that she claims she has always expressed to have her food in "moderation".  Now, I have enjoyed many of her shows because she is a hoot however at no time have I ever heard her say on any of her programs or guest appearances on daytime shows has she ever said moderation.  In fact she has always said "oh that needs more butter", or "that needs more cream".  She seems to have only given up her sweet tea. 

Ironically, just weeks before her revealing this news her son comes out with his show where he turns her food into healthier, diabetic friendly versions of her food.  It seems this was all in preparation for her news as if it is someway to lessen the importance that her cooking style has no bearing for her health condition.

 I just believe that is not responsible to her fans, to people suffering from diabetes and to herself.   There are many other resources that have offered to help Paula Deen such as Food Matters and PCRM who wrote an article pleading to help.  I am surprised she referenced Dr. Oz as someone who is helping her because he would never recommend her current dietary choices to remain intact. 

It is just sad because Diabetes is one of our society's enormous problems that is costly to all of us who pay health premiums.  As diabetes, obesity and heart disease rise so do our health costs including our health insurance costs even if you are a healthy individual you are paying for those who have these issues caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.  Yes there are those who contract these diseases from genetics but most of these diseases are contracted by what we eat.

People that are famous from television, films, or sport whether they like it or not are a role model to the very people who follow their activities.  Yes I have my own mind to make my own choices, however it is not responsible to claim her cooking style has no bearing on her diabetes when there is enough medical and scientific evidence on the contrary.

I enjoy Paula Deen and her sons, I just hope she seeks alternative assistance and looks at her food choices.  She could really impact a lot of people if she did. 

Diabetes is a chronic disease where the body can no longer regulate glucose within normal limits then glucose levels become dangerously high.

Left untreated:  blindness, seizures, stroke, kidney failure, nerve disease and cardiovascular disease. 

Type 1 Diabetes
What is it? - it is where the body can no longer produce enough insulin.  People with type 1 diabetes eat a meal and their blood glucose rises but then the pancreas cannot secrete insulin in response.  As a result the blood glucose levels soar. Mostly diagnosed between age 10 - 14 and has genetic link, only known treatment is pill or injections.

Type 2 Diabetes
What is it? - it is where the body becomes resistant or less responsive to insulin.  This type of diabetes it is progressive, meaning it develops over time.  Obesity is the most common trigger as well as sedentary lifestyle, age and poor eating habits (high fat, highly processed foods). 

We cannot do anything about getting older or genetics but we certainly have control over the other risks such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and poor eating habits.

Food for thought (pune intended)...


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