Sunday, January 29, 2012

if I could make it...I would...dang it I will!

I bought a home 2 1/2 years ago just as the housing market was dropping so I obtained a home on a pretty good bargain.  My goal has been to decorate, paint and fill it with upcycled or homemade items as money allowed, typically with tax return money.  I didn't want to go into further debt just to fill my home with all the things I want.

I have been inspired to make my own goods by things I love on Etsy and also on Pinterest.  They have allowed me to save all the projects or items I want to recreate for my own home without having to fill a file cabinet full of torn magazine pages.

You will see by the following pictures I have a pretty eclectic colorful earthy style.

I love all things Mason Jar!

I am currently playing with or attempting to create all of the above wonderful creations I found on Etsy.  I am pretty handy and fairly creative so I have been collecting jars to make lights.  I love the rustic look of Mason Jars.  When painted or etched they take on amazing hues and cast great light in any room.  If you like any of these particular items look to the left of my blog and click on the etsy link.

Goodwill and Craigslist
Then comes my love of Goodwill and Craigslist items...upcycling at its best.  I love the vintage look of these couches and chairs.  I would upholster them either in red, purple, or orange to add color to my room.  I would love to have any one of these couches and chairs reupholstered to replace the not so unique everyday big box store couch I currently have in my living room.

I just love the simplicity of a settee.  These really caught my eye, even the gray but the purple...Oh how I love purple.  I would love to see any of these settee's in orange or red or purple!

Can't possibly forget to get a great settee for your amazing animals. I would upholster this in a chocolate brown 1 for each of my dogs. Oh how they would sleep all day!

Color...a must in my home!
I never been a fan of blue until my son chose blue for his room, plus this desk makes me want to sit and hand write letters to friends and family.
I grew up in a home that every wall was white, except I had one purple wall in my bedroom.  Not that white walls are bad, I am just a fan of color.  Color makes me happy especially sage, purple, red and orange, even some yellow.

I have a long wall in my living room that is sage and considering painting the ceiling sage too.

The look of these red cabinets make me want to refinish mine in red!  Red is just so so...I don't know sexy, classy...just yum!

Orange...what to say about orange.  I recently have fallen for this color, more of an orange-red hue really.  I could see chairs or kitchen table or accent tables in the living room this color.

Purple! Yes please! I am painting two walls in my bedroom purple.  I am trying to find the right shade and tone of purple, however when I saw this I almost said forget the red cabinets we are going this color.

I love the sage in the tiles and I just like the shape of them.  I could see them in the bathroom or even kitchen.  Now with that new adhesive backing out on the market putting up your own tiles is easier than ever!

Well, that is how I could see my home, lots of color, upcycled items from Craigslist or Goodwill and some rustic mason jar lights.

Stay tuned maybe I will have some tax return money this year to actually make some of these ideas come to life....cross your fingers!!!????

How do you see your home?
What colors make you happy in your home?
I would love to hear from you and any ideas you have in making your dream home come true.
leave me comments below!!

*credit for the pics via
mason jars are from a variety of shops in my favorites on Etsy as well as the blue desk
couches, chairs, settees, tiles and color references can be found on Pinterest.


Me, Ed and Pea said...

LOVE all of your furniture and design pics!

itsok2bgreen said...

Thanks Me, Ed and Pea....
I so want every last piece of furniture and design in my house, it would make me so color happy!

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