Wednesday, January 25, 2012

handy dandy items...

It is tax time and there some goodies I have been wanting to get for my home to make cleaning, cooking or a more healthy lifestyle more fun!!

I would love nothing better than to apply my entire tax return to these lovelies but I am sure I will be pragmatic and pay!

This single mom can wish can't she!

Any home on a budget or wanting to extend the life of their food or freezing/canning their garden goodies really needs a Foodsaver.  I am not sure I will use the bags because that is one more plastic thing to try to figure out how to recycle.   So I chose this model because it is small, has the adapter hose so you can use it on Mason Jars and their BPA free containers as well as giving you the option to use their bags if you choose.

Some friends I know have this great kettle.  I currently use a french press for my coffee and my tea because I love how it really gets the oils from the tea leaves or coffee beans really infusing the richness into your drink.  I have heard great reviews from this kettle to make really fantastic tea that challenges steeping or a french press.

This I really really really would love to have!  All of these single serve coffee makers that are on the market drive me crazy because they are using and creating even more plastic waste with the single serve cups.  This beautiful Hamilton Beach Single serve uses your own fresh ground coffee, which honestly makes a far better coffee than what has been sitting in a plastic container waiting to be used...just sayin'.

Yes I want a "As Seen On T.V." item.  Here is why: I like the lift away canister, the cost and the attachments.  There are very fantastic reviews on the product and besides who can afford the Dyson.

Who doesn't love to make yummy soups or want to blend all in one container?  I realize there are a ton of blender items on the market that you can blend your food into soups.  However, there is something to be said about all that yummy food simmering in a Crockpot all day then you blend to the consistency you want without messing up another blender/product.

Yes that is right it is another "As Seen on T.V." item but who cares it is awesome just awesome and I want it dang it.  I love the adapters and different size containers, the blades are incredibly sharp so be careful and besides I love to make juice with all the fiber goodness instead of some juicers where you see all that good stuff sitting in a pulp reservoir.

Oh My Gosh I saw this on Amazon and said why don't I have this!!! I cannot stand the idea of plastic bags or one use products that just go straight into the garbage adding to the landfills.  It has a few other colors but I am partial to purple (in all shades).

Cast iron cookware, simply awesome.  I love cast iron and stainless steal cookware because I don't like the level of toxic chemicals release from non-stick cookware that we inhale and is absorbed into our food.  Besides something about good ol' cast iron that makes food just taste yummy!!! 

  Yes I want them both!!! I love to dance even though I look like Elaine from remember the episode of her dancing I know you do.

Last but certainly not least this very cool scanner.  There are lots of options with this hand held scanner, the one I chose comes with bluetooth so you can immediately upload an item you scanned directly to where ever you want to send it.  This wand is amazing, my mother just purchased it and she has been scanning family photos, you can scan even material at a store that you may like or think a friend may like send it too them or save it for color ideas.  It really is fantastic!

I had some difficulty finding these same items I listed above that are American made, which made me a bit sad.  I was hoping to find items equal to or similar to my wish list Made in USA but did not. 

 Maybe if you have you can leave me a comment and I will check them out to post and/or buy them instead!!!


Just some notes:
Cuisinart is an American company but their products are made in China.

VuPoint's headquarters is in California but I could not find where it is manufactured and at the time of this post I did not response back as to where it is manufactured.

Shark Navigator listed this on their website about their products: "Euro-Pro's roots in home appliances date back more than a century, originating in Europe, then moving to Canada before finally settling in Newton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston."

Ninja comes from the same company as The Shark navigator.

Foodsaver states they are a world wide company with thousands of employees. Jarden Corporation is their parent company and I was having difficulty nail down where their manufacture their products.

Crock-Pot is also made by Jarden Corporation.  Rival Crock-Pots are Made in USA however!!

Lodge cast iron is made in USA their enamel products are made in China.

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