Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eco-Fab Fashion Finds

I am always on the look out for alternatives to non-eco friendly fashionable items.  Especially most people I know seem to think eco-friendly means a hemp bag or burlap bag...clunky and ugly.
Nothing could be farther from the truth these days.

Wishing and dreaming are two things I am really good at doing.  So I am always saving these wonderful things I want to buy if I had a money tree.  But since I don't and my cash always seems to go to the kid or bills.  I just keep wishing and dreaming for these little treasures!

Boots are my downfall! 
One things I miss about living in the Northwest is being able to wear boots far more often then the fact I cannot remember the last time I wore shoes!!!

Love these boots...found some like it by Madden however it was the knit liners in this picture I loved!

Shocker...made by Madden and all faux leather!

Sweaters....another item missed from Northwest weather!

Believe it or not H&M is trying out eco-lines in clothing...yes!
liamolly is trying to bring her business home to New Orleans for more of these knitted beauties!

Oh give me some BOHO style any day!

 This cute little dress I found on Modcloth...a favorite stop of mine.

I found this on etsy Lotus Vintage! 

Maybe throw in a purse or two!

While so many people I know are out running to the latest Coach outlet, I am left drooling over these beautifully made purse.  I could and will go my entire life without buying a single Coach thank you very much.  These eco-friendly versions will suit me just fine!

Now if I can find a way to plant some money so a tree will grow!!!!
Hahahaha, I make my self laugh!
For now my wish list is just growing or I better get on the ball with my sewing!


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