Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday...Hate it!!! Mass Consumerism at its best!

If you are looking for happy go lucking do something green for the holidays post....this is not it. It is not a positive post or happy holiday post. This post is in disgust of all the Black Friday ads and mass consumerism. I cannot continue to think that this is what the holidays are about.  How can I teach my son about environmentalism and goodwill when these are the images he sees? 

Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like waiting out front some big chain store for the chance of getting some item that the store purposefully do not have enough of for the demand of people waiting outside!
Nothing like leaving friends and family on Thanksgiving night or skipping it all together to get in line, fight, be rude to each other and rude the workers for what....oh yeah the meaning of Christmas! Shopping!
People have been trampled to death at Wal-Mart’s and others have been shot in disputes... Sounds like a fun time to me!

Not to mention we now get ads promoting rude behavior like this one from Kohl's. Nice!  I was in shock and awe when I saw this for the first time.
We cannot even make it past Halloween with ads for Black Friday and images of mass buying like the crazy lady ad from Target! Then we sit back and wonder why our kids are rude to us and want, want, want! What are we teaching our kids? That the holidays are about waiting in long lines to buy the next greatest gadget cheaply made from someplace else and grossly marked up for us parents to buy. No wonder we are in the mess we are in....we buy beyond our means and blame everyone else but ourselves for the situation we are in! Wal-Mart, Target, Toy's R Us, to name a few are just dying to suck you in and for you to buy more "stuff"!

Instead of supporting large corporations that are part of the Wall Street problem by local, buy items that are not overly packaged or made from plastic.  Make yourself heard by your dollar because it is your dollar these Wall Street backed corporations want.  If you don't like what is going on in America today, you don't have to march and occupy some corner or park because your money speaks louder than anything else you could do.  Think about it...Bank Of America changed its fees because they lost customers, Netflix changed because of losses....why money...who Americans speaking with their wallet!
Check out this site small business Saturday, they give you a link that will find small businesses in your area to shop from.

Instead of leaving your family and friends to wait in line, try buying local or even try Etsy for eco-friendly handmade items especially buy "green" or even Craigslist.
Give the gift of the future to your kids and their kids by giving back to the environment with eco-friendly gifts and our economy with products made local. Less is more!

So this holiday season buy less, buy eco-friendly, buy local where you can, buy thoughtfully and speak loudly with your dollar your hard earned dollar.



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