Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winterize your yard..December

You know it is coming....the cooler days, really cold nights, snow for many locations. YES!

Our yards and garden may not be so happy but winter months are time for hibernation and renewal. The environment needs a time to take a break, naturally rid itself of pesky pests but for us we need to protect our yards and gardens that we have worked hard to grow.

Here are some general winterizing tips:

  • water carefully: protect against freezing so only water when absolutely necessary and mulch mulch mulch to protect the roots and retain water
  • prune: look for any dead limbs, branches, leaves...get rid of it.
  • fertilize: use earthworm castings and lava sand for indoor plants and greenhouse plants once or twice
  • pest control:  use beneficial nematodes grub worm damage and even fleas, bio-stimulants for aphids, spider mites and scale.  use horticultural oil to get rid of wintering eggs, extremely useful
  • plant: trees, shrubs, spring bulbs, if you used a living Christmas tree for the holiday it will be good to plant after the holiday.  make sure any new plants receive a thick covering of mulch.
  • garden: mulch your entire garden pick any last remaining tomatoes then clean and oil any garden tools prior to storage.

Next up in gardening by the calendar...January tips!

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