Thursday, October 20, 2011

Portable Solar Power...ah yeah!

FTL Solar
Can I just say how much I love this company?? Love love love!
They are made in the USA, they support our troops and they are environmental eco-friendly.  I wish I was as inventive and creative as their developers.

Well I will let them tell you...directly from their site:


"FTL Solar, founded in 2006, is the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated solar structures and fabrics. Commercial, military and disaster relief organizations depend upon FTL Solar’s lightweight, portable and flexible structures for a scalable, sustainable and secure source of renewable power and shelter.
Our products generate power anywhere on earth where there is direct or diffuse sunlight and can operate maintenance free for up to ten years. Clients adapt FTL’s power generating structures to a variety of uses, from small temporary installations that power laptops, cell phones, water purification and sanitation systems, to large scale installations used for rooftops, parking lots and solar farms. Our products are solutions-neutral, and can easily integrate advances in the photovoltaic technology.
FTL Solar, LLC is a 100% vertically integrated company offering design financing, engineering, consulting services; installation and maintenance services on an international scale."

They are amazing, the portable solar charging products they provide for the smallest device like a cell phone to providing portable power for the US Military.   If it is good enough for the Military it is good enough for me!

I am really quite eager to try their products...would love to see if they could have portable items to charge an electric vehicle???


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