Tuesday, October 18, 2011

just some things I have tried....

I am always trying to new items and things that just make me happy to know they are all natural and/or organic. These little goodies just make me giddy! Some I just want to order daily...if I could!

Glee Gum not only has yummy all natural gum but has these fun kits to buy and use with your kids...oh yes I will be using the chocolate kit with my son.

My son and I enjoy each and every one of these flavors! Not to mention Aspartame free! Terrible little chemical found in all sorts of things.

Of course I am always on the look out for all natural personal care products, preferably organic, but on occasion I will settle for natural when I see the list of ingredients.
Source: foreue.com via Deanne on Pinterest

Foreue has a tag line on the web site that says "100% recognizable ingredients." When you read what is actually in the products you feel safe trying their products. I prefer vegan personal care products, the idea an animal had to die just so I have great hair, smooth skin or whatever...just eeewww (to quote Jimmy Fallon's late night character eeeeww).  My personal fav is the Lavender room freshener.....sooooo relaxing!

Purple Prairie makes me happy because it came from a Mom with a need that wasn't being fulfilled by the current market. So she made her own.
I really enjoy the soy candles. I re-use the tins for other things in the house. I am wondering if she would take them back to re-use herself and give the consumer a discount on another product.

Last but not least.....I LOVE TEA!

As I said above I love tea, but not always sure what tea to try or buy what sounds good. This lovely tea company Koni tea has an amazing site just to help you through the myriad of teas. Tea can be relaxing hot and refreshing cold!

And FINALLY.....

For those who just would like to receive a monthly box of fantastically natural and/or organic items comes this fantastic company. You get to discover a new ethical businesses and the purest of brands. What a way to get introduced to products you just do not have time to research on the net each day, plus they have so many gift ideas too!

Enjoy one or them all!

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