Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get the Politics out of the way....

I was reading this article by CNET when I was struck with the thought if we could just get the politics of things out of the way people can accomplish so much.  When communities, cities and states just put their mind to make a difference, put their nose to the grind stone and just get it done.  Well simply put...AMAZING!  Unfortunately, we leave things up to the government to solve.  We expect them to fix the economy, fix the education system, the health care crisis, obesity and the environment.  It is high time we pull our boot straps up, cowboy up and get it done ourselves!  We could accomplish so much if we just quit pointing fingers at others when we have no one to blame but ourselves for the mess we are in! 
Okay I feel better.

For example this article gave the example of a lovely little city in California.
Here is San Francisco's hefty but attainable goal by 2020...ZERO WASTE! Including the following policies. 

• Mandatory composting and recycling;
• A construction and demolition ordinance that requires contractors to reuse or recycle 60 percent or more of site waste;
• A ban on polystyrene foam like Styrofoam;
• A ban on plastic grocery bags;
• A waste system run by private firm Recology;
• A green building ordinance approved in 1999 and amended in 2004 to require LEED Silver certification for municipal projects. (It's now LEED Gold effective January 1, 2012.)

It just takes one of us to get others started then from there it grows by inspiration and hard work.  That is why I started this little blog in hopes that it will get others inspired to incorporate at least eco-friendly thing into their life!  Change is infectious, it is the ripple in the water from a stone being tossed in!

San Fransisco is one city in this country but they could inspire the rest of us.  They will create so many green jobs with their policies.  I commend them for their efforts.


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