Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I must admit I love Halloween! It may just be because sugar is my friend...hahaha!

Halloween can still be eco-friendly! I get that buying from name brand companies like Hershey is easier but why not venture out and find some natural/organic candy that just may be better for you and the environment.

So lets plan ahead and order from this amazing site I found not to long ago the Natural Candy Store.  Once on this site you can see they have quite the selection.  They even have this nifty little key that tells you about the ingredients in the candy.

Love it!

They have bags of candy with a mixture,

of course they have my all time fav....chocolate!


Plus they have an assortment of gummy worms and all things Halloween!  The prices are quite reasonable when compared to the traditional candy.  Their bag of mixed candy has 100 pieces of candy in it making each item costing 20 cents per piece, the 400 pieces of candy mix bag is 17 cents per piece of candy! Nice!

This site has all kinds of organic candy not just for Halloween.  So give them a shot you won't be disappointed!!!


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