Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pest Control

With fall upon us, I have been working to prepare my house and fall for pest control.  As with many non-organic pest control products on the market you always need to reapply.  I thought I would share some organic remedies that have helped with them pesky pests and still safe for the kiddos and pets.

Remember pest control products whether it is organic or non-organic you run the risk of killing beneficial bugs as well as bugs you do not want.  The only difference I have found non-organic chemicals seem to cause the bug or weed to adapt and change making them more resistant to the chemical which in turn causes the user to use more and more of the product.  It is a vicious cycle.  I will stick to the organic version, I may have to re-apply more often but at least it isn't hazardous waste!  Traditional pest control no matter how many times someone says they are safe, I just look up the MSDS (materials safety data sheet) and see the nasty chemicals listed in them that cause all kinds of diseases not to mention polluting our lakes, streams and drinking water.

Here are a few things I use:
  • food grade diatomaceous earth:  this has been successful in killing bed bugs, crickets, roaches, ants, fleas and even some scorpions.  I rub this on my dogs after a bath to repel fleas, furniture and mattresses to rid of dust mites plus prevent any bed bugs. I dust this in my attic, rock beds, flower beds, grass, dog beds since it is safe for pets and humans.  I get mine in a few places Amazon, Garden Guy, and eartheasy.
  • orange oil:  This is great for hard to kill pests.  I spray this at the entire perimeter of my foundation of my home and property.  It lasts for weeks!  Amazon, Dirt Doctor, arbico-organics
  • mosquitoes: I recently found this little gem after spending the entire summer looking like I have measles or chicken pox all over my legs and arms! eartheasy biocare-mosquito-candle
  • fruit flies:  Ever have a delicious bowl of fruit only to battle those pesky fruit flies, well here is something quite effective and pretty. eartheasy non-toxic-glass-fruit-fly-trap
  • boric acid: this is poisonous and should not be placed where pets or kids can get to it.  However it is very effective if you have some very determined pest such as ants.  Mix boric acid with cinnamon powder/dust and orange oil in a jar lid like a peanut butter jar lid.  Ants are extremely attracted to peanut butter so this will get them to take these little morsels back to their hive for all to eat.

As with many non-organic chemical pest control versions you will need to re-apply.  Some areas of my home I reapply more often than others, attic twice a year, and the foundation of home after rain or if I see pests returning.

Hopefully you will find these useful and far better for the environment, your home and your health.

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