Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Myths about being vegetarian

  1. The Protein Myth: you can't possibly get enough protein being vegetarian! The amount of protein you need depends on your body weight: 1 gram per 2.2 pounds.  Easier yet, you should get a minimum of 50 grams of protein per day. Animal meat is not the only game in town and no you don't have to run out and get substitute meatless varieties.  Most animals we humans eat get their proteins from a plant based diet (or they are supposed to anyway), so it would make sense to eat a variety of plant based foods from soy to every color of plants available.
  2. The Hunger Myth: I will starve!  The stereotype out there is that vegetarians eat like rabbits and are emaciated.  All I can say are the vegetarians that do not look healthy are not eating a well balanced diet full of all the varieties of plant foods available.  Our plates currently get caught up with a meat that takes up so much space, take the meat out and you must fill it with a variety of possibilities. 
  3. The Money Myth: it is expensive to eat vegetarian! Pay now or pay later is how I look at it.  Do you want to pay for healthy food or pay tons of medical bills and prescriptions later?  When you start buying healthier options at the store, stop buying all that greasy fast food it is amazing how little you actually spend.  The only complaint I have when it comes to buying healthy food is: where is all the coupons for the organic foods?  All the ads and coupons are for highly processed, high in sugar and high in no good! I am on a very strict budget as a single mom and can understand the thought of convenience vs prep then cook healthy.  It is well worth the effort.  I would suggest too maybe if you are not into a big garden think of container gardens of the veggies you go through the most like tomatoes, peppers. herbs, lettuce, strawberries etc.  This will cut down the expense at the store.
  4. The Time Myth: are you kidding me when can I find time?  Although I can agree with this statement to an extent....if you have time to cook a piece of chicken or beef you have time to cut and cook veggies.  Stock your pantry with plenty of pre-cooked beans (variety of beans), whole wheat/grain pastas and crackers, organic tomato sauce, organic spaghetti sauce, put organic ready to serve veggies in the see where I am going with this right? You can do all the same convenience items you already buy but x out the meat.
  5. The Nutrition Myth: ooohhh not enough goodness to be nutritious.  I have seen many vegetarians that don't experiment or don't eat a variety of plant based foods but just eat potatoes in the shape of french fries or chips then yes you will not be healthy.  Everyone one whether you are a meat eater or vegetarian all must watch their food intake to make sure they are getting their nutritional needs.  I know  many carnivores that are not healthy and on many prescriptions for the ol' ticker.  We all no matter omnivore or herbivore have the ability to overload our kitchen with junk food.  I will say, when you balance the amount of junk food you eat the vegetarian is by far the saturated fats in beans I tell you!  heeeeeheee (insert mischievous laugh here)


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