Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting back on track....

Like millions of other americans I have had my ups and downs with food.  I prefer a vegetarian diet for health and environmental reasons.  Unfortunately my emotions take over my analytical brain at times, especially since becoming a single mother.  I eat from emotion instead of what is healthy for me or what my body needs.  Most of my life I have had a handle on this intense desire to eat out of emotion to comfort myself but.......

Well without going into a Dr Oz or Dr Phil moment.  I am trying to return to my roots and eat as it is intended for nuture/nutrition.  One of the best lessons I have learned over time, eat slowly, eat when hungry not bored, use smaller plates, stop/think before seconds and eat a variety of colors.

  •  eat slowly: we eat too fast, take time at your meals, don't eat in your car either and chew chew chew
  • eat when hungry: this trips me up all the time because I eat to feed an emotion so I must stop and think to eat because I am hungry
  • use smaller plates: really this may seem silly but think how big our dinner plates are....the bigger the plate the bigger the portion sizes we put on it. use smaller plates then stop/think a minute before getting seconds
  • eat a variety of colors: your refrigerator and plate should look like a cornucopia of colors

  • YELLOW : foods that are yellow in nature have beta-carotene it is an antioxidant
  • ORANGE: foods that are orange in nature have alpha-carotene/beta-carotene, associated with longer life  both an antioxidant
  • RED: foods that are red in nature have lycopene/anthocyanins, fight cancers, an antioxidant flavonoid, protect against stress and aging
  • PURPLE: foods that are purple in nature have anthocyanins protect many body systems
  • BLUE: foods that are blue in nature have anthocyanins/resveratol anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory
  • GREEN: foods that are green in nature have lutein/flavonols an antioxidant and carotenoid helps with eye site, macular degeneration, cataracts, light sensitivity

So instead of dieting, getting the latest diet pill or shots (although I do enjoy vitamin B shots for energy) or super restricted calories, get yourself a smaller plate learn to eat slowly and put the color of the rainbow on your plate.  That is what has helped me maintain my weight and health and that is the way I am returning to now that I have controlled my emotional health from my divorce and being a single mother.  It isn't easy, I certainly do not say do not eat any treats just limit the treats and sugar.  Can't wait to update you on my progress and hints. 

Be sure those colorful foods on your plate are organic choices too!


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