Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't throw out that sugar....

Nothing worse then going to your pantry and finding a brown sugar package that is as hard as a cement block or going down the grocery isle and finding the same thing.  Well never fear there are ways to save that brown sugar from it's demise.  Don't throw it out that is just throwing that hard earned cash into the trash!

You can try one of the following:
*put an apple slice in it
*put marshmallows in it
*put a slice of bread in it
*put the original bag into a zip lock bag with a damp paper towel
*get the Brown Sugar Saver

I personally like the brown sugar saver, I hate having to waste food or checking to make sure something hasn't molded inside my brown sugar.  So I opted for the brown sugar saver, why waste when you can reuse.  The resealable bag the sugar comes in just doesn't keep the brown sugar soft, if it did the brown sugar you find in the grocery isle would retain its moisture.  When I buy a pack of brown sugar from the store that is already hard I place it in the zip lock bag option until it gets soft then transfer it into my airtight canister with the Brown Sugar Saver.  Done no money or food wasted!

While you are buying your brown sugar saver opt for some ceramic airtight canisters or glass airtight canisters to keep your organic brown sugar, organic sugar, and organic flour all nice and fresh!


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