Friday, May 20, 2011


                           Traditional Plastics                                                      Bioplastics

Come on, why wouldn't anyone want to use these plastics from Cereplast than plastic made from Oil?  Plastics made with petroleum are not biodegradable, harmful to the environment and does who knows what to our health.  Oil companies are making money hand over fist with using oil for fuel and for everything plastic.  It costs the same to make bioplastic as it does to make traditional plastic except it is not dependent on the rise and fall of oil!

We must demand better for ourselves and for our environment!
Look for products made with bioplastics not just BPA free but petroleum free too! It is everything made with plastic Tupperware, utensils, bags, car seats if it is plastic check the maker, look at the label go BIO!  It is time we stop this dependency on oil they get enough money from us each time we head to the gas station and subsidies, yes they get extra money to run their companies!

Stop the use of oil in all plastic and stop subsidies!


Where to buy bioplastics?
Amazon Bio Products found tons!

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