Thursday, May 19, 2011

Genetically Modified Food

Am I the only one just a little freaked out and disgusted that the United States has 165 million acres of genetically modified crops.  That is up 7 million acres from 2009, just 2 years!

Genetically Modified Crops are not just confined to their portion of land, bees take their modified pollen and pollinate plants from farms that believe in leaving nature's plants, pests and genes as they were intended!  Why are we so apathetic to this growing display of control from companies genetically altering our food supply?  We are consuming more and more genetically modified foods without a single thought of what it is doing to our own gene pool!

We consume foods that contain genes from pesticides, yes PESTICIDES.  Any concern how these modified foods are continuing the growth of cancers at a rapid rate?  Any concern on how studies show the link between pesticides and ADHD?  No concern that all these genetically modified food are causing pests to be resistant to pesticides so with each new crop we must have stronger doses of pesticides?

It isn't just about going green, eating organic, or providing sustainability it is about our health.  This should not be allowed, yet our FDA, our government and the monopoly of Monsanto deciding what we should ingest.

You should be alarmed by what is allowed in our food!  Genetically modified foods are altering our own genetics, our own hormonal balance!  It is wrong and it should stop.


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