Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 2 don't throw it donate it!

Donate your old cell phones to a Domestic Violence Shelter (it can be a tax write off too) and any other electronics you may have laying around.  Specifically the cell phones can go to a domestic violence shelter, they program to be emergency phones for the women.  Many don't have the money to have a phone but need a cell phone incase they happen to run into their abuser and need to call 911.  I, myself lived in a DV shelter and used an emergency cell until I was able to work and afford a phone of my own.

Cell phones and electronics have many hazardous materials that leech into our ground water.  It is extremely important to dispose of them correctly.  You can either call your local recycling plant or go to or call some local charities or schools that could use old computers or electronics.

Give a hoot don't pollute!


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