Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 3 is this you?

And no I don't mean my friend Patience!!!!

Did you know if you are an aggressive driver (you know who you are the speed up only to slam on your breaks, ride the tail of the driver in front of you) you are wasting precious fuel.  I guess $4.00 a gallon is no biggie to you but to me it is worth going the speed limit and driving smart.  My money and my safety is far more important.  Get real, I am not saying I am perfect and have never gone over the speed limit or not seen my turn.  When I found out that aggressive driving uses 39% more fuel  and only reduces your drive time by 4%, I said why would anyone want to risk safety for that.  GEEZ!

12 gallon tank x 39% more waste = 16.68 actual gallons @ $4 = $66.72 vs $48= $18.72 more per tank

All in all it is harder on your car, increase maintenance costs, increase gas usage, decreases road safety and increases potential for tickets.



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