Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1 LED what is the hold up?

Replace all light bulbs with CFL or better yet LED's.  This might be the easiest step of all!  CFL's have mercury (toxic) so even though they last 30k hours more than conventional light bulbs LED's are the way to go. 
LED's are for sure expensive but they last 60,000 to 90,000 hours longer than conventional bulbs.  That equals 2500 to 3750 days!  Come on what is the hold up?  Change them already.  Buy LED bulbs for every light in the house and as one burns out replace it with the LED. 

If you take the cost of an LED and divide by 2500 days that equals 0.016 cents per day!  Plus that use 90% less energy then regular bulbs.  Again I ask come on!!!!!  Consider the savings in bulbs and utilities!



Panta Rei said...

LEDs are ok, have used them..
but they have a lead and arsenic issue..

I agree that there is a bit of hysteria around CFLs, which have their advantages too -
no bulbs should be banned, there is no energy shortage for electricity
justifying telling what paying consumers can use, especially since
the overall energy savings are less than 1%, as US Dept of Energy based statistics shows ( )

itsok2bgreen said...

Thanks Panta, for the insight on LED. Unfortunately all CFL's and LED must be properly disposed of along with many other items. It isn't the desire to stop the use of one or the other but to save electricity over a life time of use and waste.

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