Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 17, The Fridge!

Wow wonder if that refrigerator is energy efficient?

Not only is important to buy energy efficient appliances but it can be just as important on the location in which it resides. The best place for a refrigerator is in a cool dark place.  In other words a garage is not the best place for a fridge.  It will run all the time trying to stay cool using up your electricity.  The location in the kitchen should not have direct heat source on it like a vent or a window that receives all day sun.  Plus if pull that fridge out once a month and vacuum off the coils and back, when it is dusting or dirty it increases the amount of time it takes to cool.

All else fails, look at rebates for trading in your old out of date refrigerators for newer more energy efficient.  If you must have that cool vintage one, then spend the money to update its efficiency.

Happy day 17 of 30 days of green!
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