Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 15: insulation what insulation!


Seriously next to checking the insulation in your home and checking air leaking out; putting on a sweater can instead of raising the thermometer temp in your home can reduce your heating bills.  Yes he was the first and only president to put solar panels on the White House but mister Reaganomics took them off when he took office.  ARRRGGGG!  Okay deep breath enough of the presidents and on about insulation!

Okay, every home is built to a certain code that must pass but remember builders only put the minimum amount in your home just to pass inspection.  So have it checked and by all means if you can afford it have your attic and everywhere you can sprayed with Foam Insulation.  Why you might ask?  The best thing about spray foam is until it hardens, it seeps and fills every crack it comes in contact with.  Increasing the energy efficiency in your home!  Can not afford to have it done right now while waiting for tax returns?  Try some simple solutions for smaller issues, easier fix issues.

This is a little more professional application for a DIY but if you are confident, I say give it a try.

This handy dandy one I use often.  I find every crack, leak and anything I am allowed to fill this with around  my home.  It goes.  I put it in and around my out door faucets.  I noticed one day that there is  quite a bit of space between the pipe the wall it is protruding from allowing a lovely little bug to crawl on in and air on out.  In went the foam.  Noticed I didn't worry as much about pipes freezing that year too because of the insulation.  I also went along the base of my house just under the lip where the structure meets the foundation and sprayed liberally.  After settling there seems to be some separation there allowing air out and bugs in, so as I said previously I sprayed.

Don't forget to look at the insulation around your doors and windows, purchasing any insulation strips.  Make sure you buy outlet insulation gaskets that I recommended in a previous post.  You would be amazed how much actually leaks out those little buggers!

Happy sealing!

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