Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earth Day April 22, 2011, 30 days of green!


Do something green everyday for the month of April to celebrate Earth Day.
Check out the next 30 days of posting for green tips for the month!

April 1)   Replace all light bulbs with CFL or better yet LED's
April 2)   Donate your old cell phones to a Domestic Violence Shelter (it's a tax write off too)
April 3)   Recycle your plastic bags and convert to reusable bags
April 4)   Plant a tree
April 5)   Turn off the TV and read a book
April 6)   Turn off the TV to play with your kids
April 7)   Take your dogs for a walk
April 8)   Have a vegetarian dinner
April 9)   Start Composting
April 10) Put surge protectors with switches to shut off energy drainers
April 11) Install a programmable Thermostat
April 12) Upgrade your windows
April 13) Get Sunscreens (UVA/UVB kind)
April 14) Install an Energy Monitor in your home (know your consumption)
April 15) Check your home's insulation, install more if needed or go beyond code
April 16) Check for energy leaks around your home fill and repair
April 17) Find curtains or blinds that are noted for their insulation barrier
April 18) Looking to replace appliances with that tax return get Energy Star & Eco-Friendly Rating
April 19) Low flow toilets, far better ones these days then ones made in past
April 20) Install Ceiling Fans
April 21) Low flow shower heads, new models have improved immensely
April 22) Can't get new windows look into window glazing
April 23) Change air filters frequently in your homes, dirty ones increase your power bill
April 24) Change air filters frequently in your car dirty ones use more gas & freon
April 25) Have your house duct work checked for leaks then seal them
April 26) Turn down your hot water tank &/or wrap with a thermal blanket less energy to heat up
April 27) Have a Radiant Barrier Sprayed in your attic
April 28) Use your own mug at the coffee shop
April 29) Brown bag your lunch
April 30) Think before you buy it, throw it, or use it (every action has an equal or greater reaction)

D Peace

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