Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coral Reefs wiped out by 2050

According to leading research 75% of all coral reefs are threatened to die by 2050.  Why is that important to me and you? One they can not be replaced, they are a very slow growing organism, two they are bio-diverse and three they provide a protective barrier to the lands they surround preventing eroding. 

Many different plants and animals depend on the reef for life.  With out the reef then these fish and plants die.  These plants and animals are part of our eco-system they provide us with a guide of how healthy or not so healthy our environment has become. 

How do they die?  The temperature of the water is warming from global warming, over fishing, using for medicinal purpose, chemicals draining into the ocean and yes drilling for oil.

I realize 2050 sounds far away, and for some of us we may not be around in 2050.  What about your children, children's children and so on?  Don't they matter as to what life they have in the future?  We are not borrowing from their future we are stealing from their health and wealth.  Without the environment, the economy and how much money you have will not matter! 


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