Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organic baby food!!! YUM!!!

Having a healthy 7 month baby boy myself, I have been obsessing over the solids process…..What to feed him, veggies, fruit, etc……home made….which food processor to purchase……store bought…..where is all the organic?

Here are a couple great options:

If you are adventurous enough, making your own baby food is easier than you think, and super cost effective.  Once food is desired consistency, put servings in an ice cube tray and pop them in the freezer, no need to buy special containers.

These are the top rated food processors according to Consumer Research.

Cuisinart prep 11 plus DLC-2011
est. $140

Kitchenaid KFP715
est. $100

Hamilton beach chefprep 70610
est. $45

Most grocery and specialty stores now carry Organic baby food if you aren't interested in making your own, and carry multiple lines at that.

It is truly easier than you think to make the switch!


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