Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh yes I have an obsession with food storage containers!

Yes it is an unnatural obsession but as soon as I found out the plastic bottles, storage containers, canned food etc. are made with or lined with BPA (bisphenol A).  Without boring you with all the scientific hooha it is a bad compound found to cause all kinds of problems with hormones, cancer to name two.  So I am slowly one by one replacing plastic with glass and/or ceramic containers.  I found Pyrex, Snapware, and Kinetic Glasslock on Amazon but I have linked their websites too. 

I basically use the glass containers with lids for leftovers and some pantry items.  However the ceramic canisters with the locking lids are great for items like flour, sugar, baking goods and loose pasta.  Items seem to stay fresher longer and the glass or ceramic containers do not seem to leave a stain like plastic.  Plus I just feel better knowing I am doing all I can to keep my family and friends healthy.  I love how it all looks so nice and Martha Stewart like anyway!

I get it we all want to save money and convenient items in our house but it may not be worth the savings.  Food for thought, hahaha pardon the pun!


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