Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Organic living: where to start?

If you didn’t get any cool organic books, here are some great ones to buy yourself with all those gifts you are returning!

I can be a daunting task going green, not knowing where to start, who is telling the truth!  Yikes!  We at 2 Vintage Mamas are here to help. Things may not all be 100% green but we are always on the look out to find the best eco-friendly product at the best price for all the other Mamas on a budget who are concerned about the environment!

When you think of organic you think about the price. I agree, I believe there is a crazy pricing game going on for sure. No Doubt! It is a supply and demand, simply put.  We have to start small, find what works what doesn't work and go with it!   

It is baby steps I know, I know!  As much as I would like change to happen faster because there is only a small window of time where things can be reversed.  So we persevere changing where we can and helping those to change too.  I hope you find some inspiration in one of these books.

Here are some books that can be a great reference on how you can be green.


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