Saturday, July 7, 2012

50 Shades of Fantastic…

Yes, that is right this is a book review.  It may not have anything to do with being green except for the fact, the television is off so I am reducing the use of electricity therefore reducing my carbon footprint.  There I brought it all back to being green….

Any who, I have not sat down with a good book in sometime.  Everything I have been reading has been associated with one of my college classes so reading for the enjoyment of reading has not taken place.  Until….50 Shades of Grey. 

It could not be avoided any longer it was and still is on every reading list out there and on every discussion board.   Therefore, June 22nd, I brought the trilogy home.  I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, the way the media has portrayed it as “porn” I wasn’t sure it would be a good read since “porn” generally is not well written…..shocker.   Well in my personal opinion, the book is very well written, very addicting, and very difficult to put down.  I started book one, 50 Shades of Grey Friday the 22nd at seven in the evening only to finish by four in the morning Saturday.  I then willed myself to sleep only to wake and read the second book 50 Shades of Darker after breakfast and some mommy duties, finishing it by ten that night.  Finally, the next morning I started 50 Shades of Freed and finished late Sunday, in fact I think it was nearly one in the morning Monday.  Three books in nearly four days…not too bad.
Honestly speaking, I do not think the allure of the book has anything to do with the descriptive sex scenes (more on that in a moment).  I think it has to do with the fact it is about a very sad young man who falls hopelessly in love with a young woman who is equally head over heels.  It is the connection and addiction between the two that has all of us wanting to read more and know more about Christian and Anastasia.  As far as the descriptive sex, it is a book does it not need to be descriptive…it is not a movie, there are no visuals therefore it needs to be descriptive.  To class it as porn, I do not see it.  Erotic? Yes, yes it is.

I also think many women really love the book because of Christian Grey.  He is a no nonsense, take charge, in control guy who needs fixing.  Yes, women love a man that appears to have it all but is fundamentally screwed up and we want to be that woman who fixes him.  Plus, we really want a man who takes control, is in charge, a man’s man so to speak, wants to take care of us, and can’t live a moment without us.  Many feminists have complained about the nature of the book where the woman is being submissive to a man.  Get your panties out of a knot and don’t lose your hair..geez!  Allowing a man to be a man and being a little submissive in a mutually exclusive relationship does not take away from being a feminist or in control of our own destiny.  In fact, it is the submissive that has all the power…remember.  Now, now, I am not advocating we all run out and get into a BDSM relationship.  I am saying women who are complaining about a man having control, get over yourself.  Concessions and compromise are essential to any relationship, besides I think us woman have emasculated men long enough in an effort to be equal.  We can take control in every aspect of our lives, why not allow a man to have a little control too, our inner goddess deserves it!  Personally, it would be nice to have someone make decisions for me occasionally; it sure would take a load off!
Yes, there I said it, this feminist liberal likes and wants a man's man who is not afraid to take control, invade my space, obsess over me, love me completely, and want to take care of me...for shame!  Do not mistake this declaration as a sign of weakness or the desire to be in an abusive relationship!  Just sayin' takes a stronger woman to allow such a man to in her life.

In conclusion, overall, it is a very good, easy read.  Again, I was more drawn to the sad lost little boy known as Christian than the descriptive nature of the book.  It really is a story of what will you do for love, how far will you go for love, and unconditional love!


If you are looking for books to read…now that Oprah has left us with no book club to follow.  Check out the New York bestseller list or Good Reads, they are a great start.  I like Good Reads because after you submit what books you have read and what type of books you like to read it will generate a recommendation list for you.

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