Saturday, June 9, 2012

GasHole....wish I could take credit for that title!!!

Started this post over memorial day weekend only to find out it did not save or post when my PC decided to reboot itself...arrgg love hate technology!
 Any whoooo...second verse same as the other words let us try it again....Now where was I???
A friend of itsok2bgreen turned me on this amazing documentary The Consequence of Oil by Global Access Media.  It was that documentary which drew me to their site but in all honesty I had to check out!  Mark Manning brings 20 years of experience in the offshore drilling operations.  As all, if not all I would be shocked, know I surely oppose offshore drilling, ANWR drilling...not when there are so many options to alternative fuel!!!  The gulf explosion was the largest oil disaster since the 1969 disaster that sparked and fueled (pardon the pun) Earth Day and the environmental movement.

The US government bought and paid for by the Oil companies want us to believe it is safe to return to the gulf, no harm, no foul, all has been cleaned up.  Instead BP just continues to pay off the local government surrounding the gulf and continue to send campaign contributions to our politicians to prevent legislation against offshore drilling.  All the while we see advertisement from BP with their local employees touting the cleanest vacation spot around.   They want us to believe the disaster is over because the fire is out and millions of gallons are no longer dumping into the ocean.  It is far from over, only the cover-up continues at the expense of humans, animals, marine life, organisms and an eco-system.  After viewing this documentary I decided to check out another documentary on how oil companies have us and our government by the gonads...GasHole (hence the title I cannot claim as my own.)

GasHole is a mind blowing look at a "crude conspiracy" (to borrow a pun from their title), it certainly gets you thinking about how oil companies have been dictating how we live our lives since 1862 when John D. Rockefeller began Standard Oil Company.  Let's just take a look at history, besides the dirty dealings John did to buy out competitors and price gouging.

In 1977 Shell Scientists (yes I said the oil company Shell) were able to take a 1947 Studebaker which weighs about the same as a Hummer change the engine with some designs they stole borrowed that made it get 149.95 miles per 1 gallon of gas!!!!  Yes that is right folks 1977 we had the technology already!!!!  What happened to this scientific break through??? Gone, even missing from the Library of Congress.  Why would that happen?  Uh, duh...what oil company would want any vehicle to be able to get more miles to the gallon, why would they want anyone to save money by buying less gas for their vehicle.  Errr duh!  Just sayin', I am all for profits and making a buck to two billion.  At who's expense...mine...yours...the environment...the future of our kids or their kids? 

Would an oil company want you to know how big of a disaster the Gulf really is or how their technologies for gaining access to more crude oil is toxic to our oceans and to our drinking water?   Would they want you to know that in 1970 there was a scientist/inventor that was able to get 1000 miles per gallon or that one inventor suddenly died along side a Nevada road when his patent to increase fuel and power effeciency was suddenly bought out by some company that later disposed of the technology?  Yes I know all if it sounds far fetched or consiracy theory like but I put nothing past the power of greed in people.   Money changes people and the thirst for more of it or power to control the market share over takes the desire for the greater good or corporate responsibility.

If anything watch GasHole just to see how the US government bends over for the oil companies in the 2005 Congressional Hearings.  Or view to see just how our pocket books have been stipped of our hard working money because inventions have been surpressed.   Inventions that not only make vehicles more fuel efficient but also better for the Environment.   You will be in shock...I love conspiracy theories as much as the next activist but this will really open your eyes and mind to get you thinking a little more about the choices you make each day!


So when you have a moment from all the things we try to shove into a day, check out The Concequence of Oil and if that doesn't excite or anger you check out the documentary GasHole while you are at it!!!  Both are family friendly and I highly advise having your kids watching these documentaries.   

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