Sunday, April 29, 2012

And they say it is safe....

Sorry the quality of my picture, it lacks quality and pizazz.  In it the picture are two huge trucks with large containers of chemical pesticide spray.  They transfer it into several smaller ATV's (which is great because the wheels just spread the chemicals and weeds everywhere they go) with containers on the back end, drive around the complex, flower beds and grassy areas spraying every hint of weeds they can find.

What I find interesting is the fact they tell us it is safe yet the men are putting on white spray suits and air ventilators.  Why the concern? Why all the protection if these pesticides are safe? 

Pesticides are not insect or weed specific as we are told over and over by every chemical manufacturer.  They infect, destroy and eventually kill all that it comes in contact with insect, animal, or human.  Besides the onslaught of diseases that humans are contracting one of our biggest threat to our civilization...death of bees.

As I mentioned, chemicals don't care if you are a weed or pest or bee.  Bees are feeling the destruction of our need for perfect lawns, perfect flower beds and laziness to use less invasive more natural and organic means to handle pest we do not want in our homes or in our gardens.  Bees are dying from the chemicals we keep spraying in our landscaping.  What happens when we don't have bees?  No pollination... No pollination means no flowers, no fruit, no food....  Remember the kids movie The Bee Movie, there is a hint of reality in that kids cartoon tale!

It isn't about being an alarmist, environmentalist or fear is about remembering our decisions have impact far greater than the boundary lines of our yard.  Think twice about what you and your landscapers in your communities are using.  All of these pesticides run off into our water, our drinking water and into the air.  These are chemicals that are getting into our food, our water increasing diseases such as allergies, cancers and loads of behavioral issues.  A friend said to me once when we were eating dinner.  The news came on discussing something that is increasing cancer and she said "seems everything these days are causing cancer."  I mention this because yes it seems that way because all of these chemicals were put out on the market with claims of safety.  Remember DDT (agent orange), that was said to be safe and a company called Monsanto is releasing another version of DDT for farmers to use.

So again I question.  If it is safe for humans and animals why cover up?  Why the concern for their health?

Next time you see a weed...bend over pull it out the exercise will do you good.  Or still feel the need to spray check out Earth Easy and Arbico Organics they have or will find you everything you need to make your lawn green without weeds or pests.  What we are doing to our environment today is not borrowing from our kids in the future it is robbing them of an environment in the future. 

Whew glad to get that off my chest....
Here are some other resources pests and weeds:

Look for these labels on pesticides and herbicides for a more organic approach.

"Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend: you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left."

~Aldo Leopold

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