Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 step forward....several steps backward

yes this illegal dump is near a school
Typically I am a glass half full idealist type, but lately I feel like getting people aware that their actions have consequences on the environment which will impact our health is a losing battle. 

Don't worry this is a temporary feeling....I will be back to my normal environmental tree-hugging hemp wearing Goodwill shopping self. 

Recently I was out with my son and dogs when we walked upon this lovely open field to run and play in!  Until we were faced with this dump, not a legal dump but apparently the place for every person driving by to just dump their trash. 

The things we have found are: construction trash, automobile trash, household items including furniture and a hot tub plus of course landscaping waste.  There are environmental hazards in this illegal dumping trash, potential fire hazards and lurking in this waste that is growing every day are newly formed very aggressive colonies of bees.  They do  not appear to me to be honey making bees and thankfully me and my son saw them before we were too close for comfort.

The two pictures to the right shows how it grows after every weekend and is growing out into the road, a narrow road in fact!

lots of construction waste!

Of course tires, it wouldn't be a dump without them!
 Even a hot tub and concrete tubes make it to this location.

 Pictures above and to the left, are batteries, auto parts and plastic containers, none of which are biodegradable.
This could have been donated, but now it is beyond that ability unless you are a master upholsterer.

Now the frustrating thing is twofold; I am frustrated that people and/or companies think this is okay to dump anything they want anywhere they want and that I have contacted the city and county with nothing done thus far to rectify this problem. 

I wonder if the people who are dumping this trash would be happy if I just back my vehicle up to their yard and dump waste all over their yard and driveway.  I just do not understand people why anyone thinks this is okay.  Many of the items my son and I found are recyclable, there were items that could have gone to Goodwill or charity.  But no, people are too lazy, to self absorbed to think of anything outside of their own convenience or themselves.

If I was to take pictures of the entire vacant property that is located on a dirt road where there are no street lights, near a farm, by a new residential developement, near a school. ...this post would be ridiculously long.  When you walk further in you will find little burn areas where people are making "campfires", you will also find shotgun shells, large porch umbrellas, doors and many people ride their 4 wheelers and motorcycles. 

We all need to care, we all need to be responsible for our actions because the have consequences that impact us all!

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."
                                 Dr. Seuss, The Lorax



Me, Ed and Pea said...

Wow I can't believe people throw their junk just anywhere. Horrible.

Deanne said...

I received a reply from the county...they have submitted a letter to the land owner to clean and monitor his/her land or be subjected to a fine. It isn't his/her fault, it is the people around there thinking it is okay!! So SAD!

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