Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

Holidays are a wonderful time for food, friends and family.  They can be the most wasteful times too.  Let us look at some ways to reduce your impact and footprint on the environment.

buy local, buy organic:  if you are getting a Turkey get it from a local farm, go to a farmers market get you season fruits and veggies there too

Source: via Deanne on Pinterest

avoid paper/plastic:  get out them dishes, fine china hiding in cabinets, use cloth napkins

reduce, reuse, recycle:  take the guess work out of the trash. Holidays create the largest waste it only makes sense to do our best to reduce that waste.  If you compost then have a separate container for food waste, container for recyclables (glass, tin, aluminum, paper, paper towels, plastic), have each container clearly marked all next to each other so that your guests don't just head for the waste bin. The bins can be fancy or bags....

if you must:  using paper or plastic tableware go for the eco-friendly version including your trash bags  

Source: via Deanne on Pinterest

parchment paper and foil:  if you cook with either of these go for the recycled eco-friendly versions plus put parchment paper between the foil and the food (there are some studies regarding foil health)

natural lighting:  try some natural lighting around the table, centerpieces or throughout the house. go for the natural candles, natural wax, and wicks.

Source: via Deanne on Pinterest

top it all off with organic beverages:  get yourself organic wines you will taste the difference and some organic sparkling cider for the kids, whatever suits you fancy!

last but not least:  send food home for your guests but show you care with BPA free plastic and store yours in the same or even better glass.

Really the sky is the limit with going eco-friendly at holidays.  The key is really simple; it is about reducing your impact on the environment, not wasting any goods or energy.

My biggest tip to go eco-friendly anytime is buying local and buying organic.  Our consumer dollar speaks louder than any corporation or celebrity.

Happy Thanksgiving

* Each of the above pictures are from companies I have used from online (see the links below the pics) but you can find a variety of local companies and online companies who support eco-friendly products.  If you are having troubles please come back to my page, send me a message and I will help you!

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