Friday, November 4, 2011

Dwindling Footprint Student Sustainability Contest 2011

Yes ladies and gentlemen I won an award for my facebook page and my blog.  I was ready to give up on my blog due to the lack of followers.  However, I decided to enter this contest for my school regarding sustainability and I won second place.  I would normally throw a fit for not being in first place but truly the first place winner had amazing graphics something I must add to my talents.  This has reinvigorated me to continue bringing green, eco-friendly and sustainable tips no matter the amount of followers.  Although more followers would make me very happy!

Thank you to all who have stayed with me and continue to follow me.  I hope to bring you far more interesting posts and DIY projects as I dive further into my Environmental Studies! 


P.S. posts have been far and few lately only due to the heavy load of classes I am currently taking.  Be patient, hang in there with me and please get your friends and family to follow my page there will be more posts to come.


White Lacquer said...

Wow!!! Congratulations on your award!!

Xx. Patience

itsok2bgreen said...

Thanks, having my blog be recognized and valued really made me feel amazing. It has reenergized my passion, now if I can just get a head in school so I can post some more fun unadulterated, titillating, crazy posts then I will be ready for next contest! It is a great resume addition for sure. I appreciate the congrats!!! Deanne

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