Wednesday, October 26, 2011

on again off again

I have been an on again off again vegetarian/vegan for over 15 years nearly 20 however I often fall off the wagon because I am just not a very good cook or very creative in the kitchen to be honest.  Also I find the less money I make the worse my diet is because unfortunately until I establish a vegetable garden, processed foods are far cheaper to buy in the store then fresh, healthier options.  You can find coupon after coupon in the mailbox for high fat processed foods with an occasional coupon for organic healthy food.  Living vegetarian/vegan has been the best decision I had ever made, I felt the best and had the best energy plus had no issues with moving up or down in my weight.  Again living vegetarian/vegan does require you to actually prepare meals and today's society wants fast, easy and cheap.  The only foods that are typically fast, easy and cheap are again the highly processed fattening foods.

With that being said there are some books that have helped me on my vegetarian/vegan adventures.   Although adopting this lifestyle may not be the easiest I would personally recommend that people try eating meatless a few times a week.  You won't die from starvation or lacking any protein!!!! Geez.

Here are some books I bought when I first became vegetarian and some other books I recently was recommended to buy to help with some cooking options.

This was my first book because it gave helpful tips on transitioning from primarily meat centered diet to veg!

These two books above were purchases made because I love using a slow cooker for ease and convenience as a busy parent.

The following list of books came as a recommendation from a fellow veg.  I have purchased them and eager to try.

This last book I actually purchased because the movie/documentary was absolutely amazing!

I can't wait to receive my latest purchase and get back on my veg lifestyle I just feel so much better in health, mood and energy.  In fact my son enjoys me a whole lot more.  Give the books a try one or all and have at least 2 or 3 days with out meat.  You will feel better and being doing the environment a favor.

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