Sunday, September 18, 2011

What are your kids reading?

 I posted about a book I read as a child that affected me deeply and it made me think of books kids are not reading thanks to video games.

I do not know if Dr.Seuss was an environmentalist but many of his books had many lessons on the environment.  The Lorax was the first book I can remember from my childhood that made me fully aware that my actions and choices have consequences on the planet.  I can even remember crying for the Lorax and yelling at the destruction!

Beautifully illustrated book that takes us on a primitive journey into nature!

All the cool and wonderful creatures that hide in the desert during the day and night that most of us would be too scared to go looking for at anytime.  Instead check it out in this wonderfully descriptive book.

This book is a lot of fun! It has kids acting like recycling super heroes with many easy ideas to take a second look at that item you think is trash!

More than 50 projects for kids that are step by step activities for your kids to keep busy for hours.

A sing along book with lots of Earth Day activities that you can use all year long.

I hope you can get your kid on a fun reading book list with these little gems stuffed in there somewhere.  By the looks of it most are iPad and Kindle ready too which is a great way to make your kids think they are tech-cool!


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