Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall = Gardening, October

Get ready for October fall gardening!
Continue the tips from September gardening and get started on the following.
  1. water: rinse and repeat! do the same as September water deeply and infrequently
  2. prune: trees and shrubs
  3. fertilize: this time we are mulching. mulch protects your plants from harsh weather, if you have been composting all summer you should have some mulch to throw down
  4. pest control: release trichogamma wasps to control plant/garden pests
  5. plant: cool season vegetables, bulbs in well drained soil, finish wild flower planting, time for cool season grass, trees, shrubs, vines, spring/summer perennials

Remember to keep grass clippings on the yard, mulch mulch mulch! 
Look for organic options in pest control and gardening for your climate.  It is best to control your little eco-system by using plants that are best for your zone and climate.  You want to have plants that are hardy for your climate it will save you watering and $$!

Last of our fall months November, that will be our final post for fall then we will hit the winter months.


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