Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I recently received a headboard from a friend who no longer needed it.  It of course is a pressboard covered by a thin sheet of wood so it is not a solid wood headboard.  However no reason to just toss aside especially since I currently do not have a headboard.

Step 1: find yourself a cute little helper who enjoys sanding.
You need to sand down the piece of furniture you are deciding paint because you need to take off the top coat of sheen. We first used a coarse piece of sandpaper to get rid of any rough spots.

Step 2: finish sanding with a super fine sheet of sandpaper to smooth out the surface.
Step 3: wipe clean and let it dry prior to painting.

Step 4: get some paint/primer combo of the color you want.  I got an eco-friendy 0 VOC paint but as soon as the dye was added it became a Low VOC paint.  The dye was not a 0 VOC compound, make sure you are aware of that when purchasing paints.

Step 5: let it dry very well before moving inside.  I also put felt on the back side corners to prevent my wall behind my bed getting scratched.

Really hard to make out just how dark and yummy this color is with my cheap camera, dang it!!!
The chocolate espresso color will look amazing against my sage green wall when I get it hooked up to my bed.

I love chocolate espresso brown, sage, red and purple colors so this looks great against my sage green wall.

So here it is behind my bed.  I have not attached it yet because I realized when I put it in place I need to raise the height about 8".  I will need to get off to the store or find some scrap wood and raise the height but all in all I like it!

Next time you think of tossing that old piece of furniture try a new color instead.  I have 5 more pieces of furniture I am refinishing, I can't wait!!


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