Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mmmmm Chocolate!!!

As many of my friends know when it comes to chocolate I AM ADDICTED!  I recently bought this amazing chocolate from Nicobella Organics.  My love affair with chocolate, I mean really good chocolate, started when I played soccer in Europe one summer back in high school.  Having chocolate in Belgium was enough to turn anyone into an addict.  So finding chocolate that not only is fair trade but vegan and taste great can be a bit of a challenge.  Well look no further! This is amazing stuff.

I like to enjoy my chocolate with unflavored coffee, some fruits and yes even wine!  I have had to learn to savor the absolute richness of the chocolate by itself and pairing it with other things.  Unlike my younger years where I just devoured the chocolate because I just love it, now I learn to appreciate the distinct flavors in each type.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy and buy fair trade chocolate from Nicobella Organics!


Why Fair Trade??
Buy fair trade chocolate!  Fair trade simply means the company trades with farms or manufacturers who promotes and uses sustainable practices and ethical labor (ie no child labor, fair wages, etc).

Look for fair trade products in food and clothing, we the consumer can change how companies impact our world, how they treat and use their labor and impact the economy by choosing where our money goes.

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