Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh those pretty little nails....

I may be the only female on the planet earth that doesn't run out and get her nails done.  Although I love a good mani and pedi, I am not a polish person.  However on occasion I have worn some color now and then.  So for my lovely girlfriends who enjoy a weekly splash of color on them digits and little piggies here are some quick thoughts.

Nail polish and nail polish remover is consider hazardous waste by the EPA and to think we put that hazard on our nails.....  If you happen to use brands that are not organic or non-toxic make sure you are at least disposing of them properly.  They can not be put into the landfills be no-no!  I can only pray our nail salons are treating them as hazardous waste.

If you have such items in your home try the following links for best options on how to dispose of them.  I use both resources for multiple things when I get stumped on an item that I am not sure how to trash!  Then get yourself some non toxic nail polish remover and nail polish.  FYI did you know you can bring the non toxic versions to your favorite manicurist and they can use them instead of their toxic version.

Recycle Hotline 1-800-CLEANUP (253-2687)

So now that you have dumped the bad bring in the good! Check out some of these versions of the healthy stuff!
On a side note each time a see the words clean up I think of the song I use to sing with my son.  "Clean up clean up everyone everywhere....clean up clean up everyone do you share."  So appropriate for a greenie like me if we all just did our share....


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itsok2bgreen said... check out this site for some awesome healthy vegan nail polish

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