Tuesday, July 19, 2011


image by AP

Recently several branches came down from our little Haboob: definition! I wasn't upset about my tree in my front yard coming down because well, it had been diseased and dying from the day we moved in.  I did my greenie best to save that tree but it was gone before I got to it.

I thought I would take advantage of the nasty little windstorm's destruction yard to just thin out prune the trees and take down the diseased one.  Of course I could not waste the branches from my perfectly good tree that came down in the wind.

I mulched it!
Mulch is great for your flower beds and grass (when you are seeding), it retains water and protects the plants roots. The diseased one of course could not be recycled as mulch because I do not want to spread the disease to my other plants.  That one was cut down and the city took it away for free.  Turn your healthy plant trimmings into compost and mulch instead of sending to the landfill that will just turn to greenhouse gas emissions.

I rented on of these fun toys above!  Since I do not have acreage I do not own a mulcher nor did I want to pay a lot of money for a service to come out.  Plus I wanted to play with a big power tool! We mulched away! Some of the mulch we added to the compost for some dry material because I had too much wet stuff in there from kitchen scraps and such.

I would share some very funny pictures of us doing this fine event....but apparently my digital camera doesn't like heat.  It was left outside. :-(  Hopefully I can recover the pictures on the sim card....



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