Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Believe it or not school is around the corner....

my son's first day of school so long ago

Yes that is right I said it.  Our kids will be heading back to school really soon, some states start in the beginning of August while others start after labor day.  Just because our kids are heading back to school doesn't mean we have to stop our green thoughts and just by the toxic cheap stuff at our local wally world.  I know that sometimes Target, WalMart and other places will carry eco-friendly options but jack up the price while the cheaply foreign made toxic versions are on sale.

One of my favorite places to make my first and sometimes my only stop for eco-friendly school supplies is at The Ultimate Green Store!  You name it they have it: from backpacks to soy crayons!
I do hit Amazon often though....cheaper prices.  I will check out prices everywhere else then hit Amazon.
Here are some tips before you buy:
  • Before you shop check the house for any unused school supplies from last year.
  • Make a list
  • Find out exactly what the teacher wants your kid to have
  • If you can't go all "green" replace important items like a BPA free water bottle.
  • get reusable sandwhich bags the others are clogging our landfills and waterways
  • get pencils made from recycled sources like recycled newspaper pencils
  • buy soy or bees wax crayons
  • vegetable based glue
  • rechargeable batteries
  • solar backpack
  • Buy in groups: get other mothers together buy in bulk because it is cheaper

Here are some possibilities:

recycled pencils
note pads

All in all it is about sending our kids off to school with the best products to make their day great and not fill them up with toxic chemicals.  Remember they will be inhaling and absorbing this stuff all day.


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